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Colormania - Color the Logo


Test your memory and guess the colors of famous icons and logos! This color memorychallenge is a favorite of 10 million people!
Got what it takes to guess the correct colors of thousands of icons and logos? Accept the
challenge? You’ll also have to guess the colors of favorite brands, foods, car logos,
flags, teams, celebrities, characters, and more! Challenge friends to guess colors and
prove you have the best memory.
You wont forget the colors of your favorite characters and brands… or will you? With
so many different logos and icons, each level is a new challenge, with new logos and
icons added all the time. In this version, guess colors of logos and icons in the car
brands challenge and USA sports challenge!
Have an idea for a new logo or icon? Tweet @colormaniaapp
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icons, logos, characters and brands!
All colors, logos and icons shown in this game are copyright and or trademark of their
respective corporations.